What, why and where


We work in partnership with almost 200 wineries from all over Italy, covering every denomination, including the rare ones. In our portfolio you will find companies steadily following the principle of strong roots, identity, and high quality, regardless of whether they are small family-run companies or large and capable of satisfying high quantitative needs.


We deeply understand the enormous commitment of each importer when it comes to:

maintaining and increasing sales and income achieved

• dedicating adequate resources to the high-demanding process of business management

• having to periodically update the product catalogs

• searching for the most suitable options to meet customer’s needs

• setting the purchasing conditions having to deal with different mentalities and habits

• obtaining marketing tools for promotionsThis process can be exhausting or laborious in terms of time and money.

We believe it is essential to extend our operational support to every importer willing to consider us a valid partner for the enhancement of his business.

We are also very happy to have the chance to involve him in the experiential travel trips for professionals but always in seek for the tastes, colors and scents of the Italian terroir.


Through our internal network and through the network of our representatives based on the territories, we are able to support and satisfy every need of the importers in relation to selection, negotiation, purchase and subsequent expansion of the product, being able to take advantage of the know-how acquired on the field and over time. To date we are operating in Central and Eastern Europe, Asia and both the America, and overall in 27 countries. We speak, think and “live” in Russian, Mandarin, Portuguese, German, Polish, Spanish as well as English and Italian.