Joanna Miro


Our main goal is to support you as importers and consumers in the search, discovery, selection and purchase of products best tailored to your needs. We will guide you through this adventure to discover the most authentic and specific Italian wine territories, their history, traditions, cultural values, food, lifestyle, quality and anything that can express the value and heritage as an intrinsic characteristic of Italian wine. 

An experiential purchase process, which will be daily taking place both real and virtual journeys in the terroir of the ‘Bel Paese’, always in the name of the best deal.


Joanna Miro – economist, marketer, broker with over thirty years of professional experience, as well as the owner of the homonymous brand and CEO of the Wine Global Aspect group, for over 15 years she has been dedicated to the world of wine and to constant deepening of the specific knowledge of the terroir and the world Italian food and wine.
The passion and curiosity dedicated to the discovery of small wineries, native vines and rare and ancient production technologies have made Joanna the Ambassador of Made in Italy wines in the world, following it to stand out for its in-depth knowledge of the management processes of wine-growing realities and its expertise in brand positioning in foreign markets, even for the most important and prestigious Italian brands.


The direct experience acquired over time on the many international markets allows us to understand your specific needs and those of your markets, the mentality of the reference consumers, the latest trends in terms of consumption as well as any additional factors essential to your growth.

We support you in selecting the most suitable products for you, researched and custom-selected, in every part of Italy. We protect you in the purchase negotiation by building suitable partnerships with the wineries you choose and we guarantee you the best marketing conditions from the wineries as an indispensable tool for entering your markets.