SEPT. 2023

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Cascina Chicco

There are wineries that represent a territory, others that are the territory.

We have never been satisfied with cultivating the land around the farmhouse.

We grew up with the desire to find the best plots from which to obtain the excellence of the native wines of Roero and Langhe: Arneis in Canale, Barbera in Castellinaldo, Nebbiolo in Vezza d’Alba and Castagnito, Barolo from one of its most famous crus, Ginestra di Monforte d’Alba.
We are in the historic heart of Roero – a renowned wine-growing area located in the Piedmont region. Roero stands out for its variety of soils which include continental ones, such as river gravels and clays, and those of marine origin, rich in minerals such as limestone.
The vineyards extend over hills and panoramic terraces – so-called Rocche, benefiting from excellent exposure to the sun and a favorable climate. The diversity of the terroir contributes to the complexity and quality of the wines, reflecting the unique characteristics of the area.

Roero Riserva Valmaggiore.

This is perhaps the most famous and disputed sub-area of the Roero, with soils rich in sand and extreme slopes. The best Nebbiolo grapes of the appellation have always been grown here. The soil is typical of the central strip of the Roerina production area, of Pliocene origin, characterized by silt, limestone and clays. The wine produced here is structured, complex, austere, but always elegant and played on finesse.

Barolo Riserva Ginestra.

La Ginestra is the most famous cru on the eastern side of Monforte d’Alba. It is here that, in recent decades, the Barolos that have made the history of the denomination have been vinified.
The vineyards with an optimal position, the warm and bright microclimate, and the soils, characterized by clayey-silty marl and small percentages of sand, give memorable Barolos, where elegance, power and complexity reach the top.

They have always called us the Chicu, or the Chicco.

From grandfather Ernesto to my children, this is the “strange name” that identifies the history of our company. But it is much more. In itself it carries the affection, esteem, friendship and belonging to the community of our own family.

There are wineries that represent a territory, others that are the territory.

For four generations, we have chosen to cultivate and make wine from the best vineyards of the Roero and Langhe. A choice that has favored the most suitable areas and which, over the years, has identified the vines that were best able to interpret each terroir, enhancing the expressive potential of one of the most famous wine districts in the world.