Joanna Miro


Our main goal is to support you as importers and consumers in the search, discovery, selection and purchase of products best tailored to your needs. We will guide you through this adventure to discover the most authentic and specific Italian wine territories, their history, traditions, cultural values, food, lifestyle, quality and anything that can express the value and heritage as an intrinsic characteristic of Italian wine.

An experiential purchase process, which will be daily taking place both real and virtual journeys in the terroir of the ‘Bel Paese’, always in the name of the best deal.


Joanna Miro – economist, marketer and broker with over thirty years of professional experience, is the owner of the eponymous brand and CEO of the Wine Global Aspect group. For almost 15 years she has been effortlessly dedicating herself to the world of fine wine and to the constant deepening of her specific knowledge of the Italian food and wine terroir.


In your countries of origin you will find Anna, Luisa, Riccardo, Una, Giorgio, Mike, Natalia, Francesca, Enzo, Alberto and other team members waiting for you, and they will be able to perfectly understand you and your market’s specific needs, the consumers mindset, the latest consumption trends as well as every essential factor for your competitive and profitable operation over time.

Therefore, we will be happy to support you in the selection of the most appropriate products from any area within the Italian territory, even the most hidden and difficult to find. We will assist you you in the purchase negotiation by building the best partnership relations with the wineries selected by you and we will guarantee the best marketing conditions which are essential to the introduction and commercial expansion of the wines you have chosen on the reference market.